NEMA17 1.6 kg-cm Single Shaft Stepper Motor


1 x NEMA17 1.6 kg-cm Single Shaft Stepper Motor


The Nema17 1.6kg-cm single shaft Stepper motor can provide 1.6 kg-cm of torque at 0.31A current per phase. The Stepper Motors move in precisely repeatable steps, hence they are the motors of choice for the machines requiring precise position control.

The motor’s position can be commanded to move or hold at one position with the help of Stepper Motor Drivers. The Nema17 1.6kgcm Stepper motor provides excellent response to starting, stopping and reversing pulses from stepper motor driver.

They are very useful in the various application especially which demands low speed with high precision. Many machines such as 3D Printers, CNC Router and Mills, Camera Platforms, XYZ Plotters etc.

It is a brushless DC motor, so the life of this motor is dependent upon life of the bearings. The position control is achieved by a simple Open Loop control mechanism which doesn’t require complex electronic control circuitry.

The motor’s shaft has been machined for good grip with a pulley, drive gear etc. and especially avoiding stall or slip.


  • The Nema17 1.6kgcm Stepper motor dimensions and weight may have  ±2% error.
  • Resonances can occur because of improper instalment.
  • Not easy to operate at extremely high speeds.
  • 6 wire Stepper motors can also be used as 4 wire stepper motor.



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NEMA17 1.6 kg-cm Single Shaft Stepper Motor
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