Mini Submersible Pump DC 3V-5V


1 x Mini Submersible Pump DC 3V-5V

Submersible pumps are efficient for pumping out septic tanks. Fluid is transferred into hoses to storage tanks and taken to a treatment facility. Submersible pumps are often used to pump excess water from work sites or flooded basements on construction sites. They can also be used to pump slurries
Submersible pumps are centrifugal pumps whose hydraulic components (pump casing, impeller, diffuser element) are flooded by the fluid handled. Usually, this type of pump is not fitted with a suction line. A submersible pump whose motor is arranged above the floor is referred to as a vertical shaft submersible pump
Using attention:
1. The pump does not have a power supply, it is a DC pump. It cannot be used directly with AC 220V voltage.
2. Land use need to allow water to flow into the pump (nonself priming pump), the installation of water level higher than the pump.
3. To keep the water clean, so as not to block the pump rotor. the pump should be cleaned regularly to keep the pump clean.


  1. 100% brand new, high quality
  2. Type: Mini Submersible Pump
  3. Material: engineering plastic
  4. Drive mode: DC brushless design, magnetic drive
  5. 500 hours of continuous working life


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Mini Submersible Pump DC 3V-5V
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