BMP180 LGA-7 Digital Pressure Sensor IC


1 x BMP180 Digital Pressure Sensor IC


The BMP180 Digital Pressure Sensor IC is the new digital barometric pressure sensor with a very high performance, which enables applications in advanced mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and sports devices. It follows the BMP085 and brings many improvements, like the smaller size and the expansion of digital interfaces. The ultra-low power consumption down to 3 µA makes the BMP180 the leader in power saving for your mobile devices. BMP180 is also distinguished by its very stable behaviour (performance) with regard to the independence of the supply voltage.

Technology and specification Through its high relative accuracy of ±0.12 hPa (±1m) the BMP180 has become the most reliable sensor for precise applications, like indoor-navigation. The small size of 3.6 x 3.8 mm2 and the height of only 0.93 mm makes it very suitable for the implementation in small mobile devices. The high absolute accuracy and a noise level down to 0.02 hPa (altitude of 17 cm) open new perspectives for applications in the sports devices.

The BMP180 is a sensor based on piezo-resistive MEMS technology for EMC robustness and high-quality standards. The dies of the BMP180 are protected by a stable and thin LGA package with a metal lid. The IC has seven optimized pins. The BMP180 can communicate directly with a microcontroller in the device through I2C or SPI as a variant. BMP180 target applications Indoor navigation  GPS-enhancement for dead-reckoning, slope.


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BMP180 LGA-7 Digital Pressure Sensor IC
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