56pF Mica Capacitor 500V


  1. Capacitance: 56pF
  2. Voltage: 500V
  3. Mounting: Through-Hole
  4. Material: Mica
  5. Tolerance: 1%

A 56pF mica capacitor is a small, high-voltage component that is commonly used in electronic circuits to store electrical charge. With a capacitance value of 56 picofarads, it is able to store a relatively small amount of charge, making it suitable for use in high-frequency circuits where a larger capacitor would not be as effective. This particular capacitor has a maximum operating voltage of 500V, which means it is able to withstand relatively high levels of voltage without breaking down or malfunctioning. It is typically used in applications such as radio frequency (RF) filters, oscillators, and resonant circuits. Mica capacitors are known for their high stability and reliability, making them a popular choice for use in a variety of electronic devices.


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56pF Mica Capacitor 500V
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