47nF (0.047uF – 2A473J) Polyester Film Capacitor pack


  1. Capacitance: 47nF
  2. Voltage: 630V/100V
  3. Mounting: Through-Hole
  4. Material: Polyester Film
  5. Tolerance: 20%
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The 47nF (0.047uF) Polyester Film Capacitor is a high-quality, reliable component designed for use in a variety of electronic circuits. It is made from a thin layer of polyester film and has a 2A473J marking, which indicates its capacitance value and tolerance.

This capacitor is ideal for use in applications where high stability and accuracy are required, such as in radio frequency and audio circuits. It has a low dissipation factor and a high insulation resistance, making it suitable for use in high-frequency circuits.

The capacitor has a rated voltage of 50V and is able to withstand up to 2A of current. It has a small size and lightweight design, making it easy to integrate into compact electronic circuits.

This 47nF Polyester Film Capacitor comes in a pack, making it convenient for use in larger projects or for stocking up on spare components. It is a reliable and high-quality choice for a wide range of electronic applications.


Pack of 10, Pack of 2, Pack of 50


100V, 630V


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47nF (0.047uF – 2A473J) Polyester Film Capacitor pack
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