4.7uF Electrolytic Capacitor pack


  1. Capacitance: 4.7uF
  2. Voltage: 250V/25V/400V/50V
  3. Mounting: Through Hole
  4. Material: Aluminium
  5. Tolerance: ±20 %
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A 4.7uF electrolytic capacitor is a type of capacitor that uses an electrolyte solution to store electrical charge. It is commonly used in electronic circuits to store and release electrical energy on demand.

This 4.7uF capacitor pack includes multiple units of this type of capacitor, allowing you to use them in various electronic projects and repairs. The capacitors in this pack have a wide operating temperature range and are capable of handling high voltage, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Each capacitor is marked with its value and voltage rating, making it easy to identify and select the right capacitor for your needs. The compact size of these capacitors makes them easy to install in tight spaces, and their high-quality construction ensures reliable performance.

Whether you’re a professional electronics technician or a hobbyist working on your own projects, this 4.7uF electrolytic capacitor pack is a valuable addition to your toolkit.


250V, 400V, 50V, 25V


Pack of 10, Pack of 5


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4.7uF Electrolytic Capacitor pack
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