22uF Electrolytic Capacitor pack


  1. Capacitance: 22uF
  2. Voltage: 100V/160V/250V/25V/450V
  3. Mounting: Through Hole
  4. Material: Aluminium
  5. Tolerance: ±20 %
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A 22uF electrolytic capacitor is a passive electronic component that stores electrical energy in an electrostatic field. It is typically used in circuits to smooth out voltage fluctuations, filter out noise, and provide a temporary power supply. These capacitors are polarized, meaning they have a positive and negative terminal, and they must be connected in the correct orientation in order to function properly.

This 22uF electrolytic capacitor pack contains multiple capacitors of the same value, making it convenient for use in a variety of electronics projects. They are made of thin layers of metal or aluminum foil, separated by a dielectric material, and are housed in a cylindrical or rectangular casing. They have a high capacitance value, making them ideal for use in power supply circuits, audio amplifiers, and other applications where high-energy storage is required.

These capacitors have a rated voltage, which determines the maximum voltage that can be applied to them without causing damage. They also have a rated temperature range, which specifies the temperature range in which they can be safely used. It is important to choose the correct capacitor for your application, taking into account the voltage and temperature requirements of your circuit.

Overall, this 22uF electrolytic capacitor pack is a useful and versatile component for a wide range of electronics projects. It can help to smooth out voltage fluctuations, filter out noise, and provide a temporary power supply, making it an essential component for many circuits.


100V, 160V, 250V, 450V, 50V, 25V


Pack of 10, Pack of 5


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22uF Electrolytic Capacitor pack
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