220uF Electrolytic Capacitor pack


  1. Capacitance: 220uF
  2. Voltage: 100V/160V/250V/400V/450V/10V/50V/35V
  3. Mounting: Through Hole
  4. Material: Aluminium
  5. Tolerance: ±20 %
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This 220uF electrolytic capacitor pack is a collection of high-quality capacitors that are designed for use in a variety of electronic circuits. These capacitors are made using an electrolyte solution and two metal plates, which creates a capacitance that is capable of storing electrical energy. They are typically used to filter out noise, smooth out voltage fluctuations, and help regulate power supply in electronic devices.

The 220uF capacitance rating of these capacitors means they have a relatively large capacity for storing electrical charge. This makes them suitable for use in high-power electronic circuits, such as those found in power supplies, audio amplifiers, and motor drives. They are also commonly used to help stabilize voltage in switch-mode power supplies and other types of power electronics.

This pack includes a variety of different capacitor sizes and styles to suit a wide range of applications. They are made with high-quality materials and are built to withstand the demands of modern electronic devices. Whether you need to replace a capacitor in a damaged circuit or want to add some extra filtering to your design, these 220uF electrolytic capacitors are a reliable and cost-effective choice


100V, 160V, 250V, 400V, 450V, 50V, 35V, 10V


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220uF Electrolytic Capacitor pack
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