220nF (0.22uF – 224k) – Polyester Film Capacitor pack


  1. Capacitance: 220nF
  2. Voltage: 400V/100V
  3. Mounting: Through-Hole
  4. Material: Polyester Film
  5. Tolerance: 20%
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The 220nF (0.22uF) Polyester Film Capacitor is a small, cylindrical device that is used to store electrical charge in a circuit. It is made of a thin layer of polyester film, which is sandwiched between two metal electrodes. This capacitor has a capacitance of 220 nanofarads, which means that it can store a relatively small amount of electrical charge. It is often used in low-voltage circuits, such as those found in electronics like radios, televisions, and computers.

This capacitor pack contains multiple 220nF capacitors, making it convenient for use in a variety of different applications. The capacitors in this pack are rated for a voltage of 224k, which means that they can safely handle electrical voltages up to this level. They are also designed to be reliable and long-lasting, making them a good choice for use in both commercial and residential settings.

Overall, the 220nF Polyester Film Capacitor pack is a useful and practical component that can be used in a wide range of electronic circuits and devices. Whether you are a professional engineer or a hobbyist working on your own projects, this capacitor pack is an essential item to have on hand.


Pack of 10, Pack of 2, Pack of 50


100V, 400V


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220nF (0.22uF – 224k) – Polyester Film Capacitor pack
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