104K 250V (100nF) Polyester film capacitor pack


104k 250V (100nF) Polyester film capacitor pack

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104k 250V Polyester film capacitors are non-polarized and perfect to use with the AC circuit. It features in stability, low inductance, and low cost. Applies to pulse circuits, widely used in a variety of electrical equipment, electrical and electronic filtering, blocking, bypass, coupling, and noise reduction and other occasions.


  • Brand New and High Quality
  • High stability and reliability;
  • Dissipation Factor is normally low and stable against high frequency and change of temperature.
  • Dissipation factor is small because the leads are directly welded to electrodes.
  • High reliable because of its excellent Self-Healing performance.
  • Small inherent temperature rise and small size
  • Epoxy resin powder coating or Epoxy DIP coating
  • Small size, light weight and low cost.
  • Epoxy resin vacuum-dipped enhances the mechanical strength and humidity resistance
  • Widely used in DC and pulsating circuits of radio, TV sets and various electronic equipment.
  • Polyester film, inductive, epoxy resin coating;
  • Small size, light weight and low cost;

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104K 250V (100nF) Polyester film capacitor pack
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