1000uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor pack


  1. Capacitance: 1000uF
  2. Voltage: 25V
  3. Mounting: Through Hole
  4. Tolerance: ±10 %
  5. Material: Cerami
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This pack contains 1000uF 25V electrolytic capacitors, which are electronic components that store and release electrical energy. These capacitors are particularly useful in circuits that require high capacitance, such as those found in power supplies, audio equipment, and motor drives.

The 1000uF rating refers to the capacitance of the capacitor, which is a measure of its ability to store electrical charge. The 25V rating refers to the maximum operating voltage of the capacitor, which is the maximum voltage that the capacitor can handle without breaking down or failing.

These capacitors are made using an aluminum or tantalum electrolyte, which is a liquid or solid that conducts electricity. They are encased in a cylindrical aluminum casing, which is coated with a layer of insulation to prevent short circuits. The aluminum casing is also marked with a positive and negative terminal, which indicates the polarity of the capacitor and must be observed when installing it in a circuit.

Overall, these 1000uF 25V electrolytic capacitors are a reliable and versatile component for a wide range of electronic applications. They are easy to install and can help improve the performance and efficiency of your circuits


Pack of 2, Pack of 5


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1000uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor pack
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